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Decommissioning starts again!

New contract for Armofer as part of the reconversion of the Tirreno Power plant in Vado Ligure.

An example of successful complex restructuring: the Re-industrialisation of the Vado Ligure site, undertaken with the exit from coal-fired production, desired and promoted by Tirreno Power, is leading the Savona site to be not only a protagonist, but a model of the restructuring needed for the energy transition. As part of the site's reindustrialisation process, Tirreno Power is launching important projects for the reconversion and revamping of industrial plants. Among them Armofer, which has just completed similar projects throughout Italy, was awarded the contract for the reclamation and demolition of two thermoelectric groups.

The opening of the decommissioning site, which will occupy the Armofer Professionals for at least a year, is imminent.

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