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Soft stripout; environmental liabilities remediation multi-storey building


  • ACM/MMMF removal
  • Complete stripout
  • On-site waste segregation (CER)
  • Environmentally monitoring


Milano, viale Sarca

ACM responsible removal work

The Sarca complex undergoing redevelopment that Armofer is entrusted to work on is composed of 3 different multi-story architectural volumes with up to 10 floors above ground and 2 basement floors, for a total of 12 levels to be fully remediated before proceeding with the complete stripout to lay bare the "clean" structure and hand it back to the Client for the new design. For the substantial remediation operations, static-dynamic confinement areas with double-ply polythene; UDP (Personal Decontamination Unit) and UDM (Material Decontamination Unit) are set up by Armofer directly. Testing of the areas by smoke test is done in consultation with ATS (Control Authority), as is the entire course of operations. During remediation operations, there is constant environmental monitoring for the control and measurement of any airborne fibers. - - - -
- - - - - - -


Step 1 Selective deconstrution / facade
Step 2 ACM/MMMF removal in confined areas
Step 3 Soft stripout
Step 4 Internal complete stripout
Step 5 On-site waste segregation
Step 6 Waste disposal
Steps 2-3-4 repeated for 12 floors


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