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Demolition is a family passion: our company has been dealing with demolitions since 1961. We have the experience and expertise to carry out successful projects across the full range of services and nationwide. We are proactive, professional and reliable demolition Contractor in Italy, ready to intervene and work abroad. We take care of the entire demolition process for you. We provide a complete single source, turnkey management solutions, from pre-construction advice, planning and project management to operational expertise in the field, delivering the highest standards of professionalism, evident in our total commitment to health & safety and minimizing our impact on the environment. We are happy to undertake all types of demolition, decommissioning, reclamation works: from a small home downtown to a large retail unit or to the biggest industrial area. Our demolition Teams have the expertise and the wealth of knowledge to carefully undertake and carry out any demolition quickly, efficiently and with maximum consideration for Health& Safety, no matter how big or small the demolition project. We adapt and tailor our services to ensure that you achieve your aims. We help our Clients to achieve the highest international standards in terms of quality, safety, environment and sustainability of the entire process in the construction sector (such as LEED). In the last decade we have increased our activity in the specific sector of decommissioning, chemical and petrochemical sectors, serving clients such as ENI, ENEL, A2A, Tirreno Power, all over Italy. There is no structure that cannot be tackled: we provide the equipment and team necessary to complete any job, any sector or type of intervention, thanks to the continuous updating of the fleet. Particular attention paid to the means of work and their management and maintenance and thanks to a team of specialists who, if necessary, customize the means and propose modifications to make the operation more complete and safer. Safety and the environment are very important to us, so we do our best to ensure this is reflected during the entire demolition process.


The company is continuously growing. In the 10 years between its 50th and 60th anniversary of activity, Armofer has tripled: in the number of employees, in the number of construction sites and in the results. Tripled also the turnover that exceeded 15 M€ in 2015 and 33 M€ in 2019. Human resources, the true value of the company, now count more than 200 units. The fleet can count on close to 100 work vehicles (34 demolition excavators; 35 mini-demolition machines; 7 radio-controlled robotized excavators) plus 60 vehicles including trucks, trailers, cars and vans and a multitude of equipment and tools. The management of the fleet is based on "simple" rules: the perfect equipment for each type of operation to be carried out; machines and vehicles always perfectly maintained and cared for by the internal Service; foreseeing everything that can be foreseen. Working with a view to continuous improvement in performance.

We have worked for:
A2A, Air Liquide, Akno, Allianz, ANAS, Autostrade, Bayer Italia, Barilla, Bluestone, BNP Paribas Sviluppo Residenziale Italia, CDP Immobiliare, City Life, CMB, COIMA, Colombo Costruzioni, Energheia, ENEL, ENI, Eridania Sadam, Esselunga, FCA Group, FOS Fibre Ottiche Sud, Holcim Italia, Metroblu, Nüssli, Pirelli Ambiente, Pirelli Industrie Pneumatici, Pirelli RE, Pirelli Tyre, Prelios, Prysmian Powerlink, Progetto Grande Bicocca, Savills, Star, Syndial Gruppo ENI, Tamoil, Tenaris, Tirreno Power, Triennale, Unicredit.


This is our growth strategy: the continuous improvement of our performances. We operate and have always operated in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards to protect workers, people and the environment. At all times and updated, in line with current legislation. We are committed today alongside our customers and partners to make our contribution to sustainable development and the reduction of environmental impacts. Last but not least, we consider our 60 years of activity a guarantee of quality, competence, professionalism and passion that we offer to our customers and we put in the field to protect the environment and society.

Company Policies:
ISO 9001:2015 Policy
Health & Safety
ISO 14001:2015 Policy
OHSAS 18001:2007 Policy

Qualified Builder for Public Works:
categories: OG12 IV – OS23 VII – OS1 IIIbis – OG1 III

National Register of Environmental Managers:
categories: 4C – 5D – 8D – 9B – 10B cl.A

Our Company sponsors the youth cycling and supports Pedale Casalese Armofer

Our Company sponsors the youth cycling and supports Pedale Casalese Armofer

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