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A2A Thermoelectric Power Plant
Metal chimney demolition


  • Decommissioning steam generating unit
  • Deconstruction by controlled disassembly of the double-barreled metal chimney.
  • Reclamation of environmental liabilities (MMMF)


Cassano d’Adda, centrale termoelettrica A2A (2020)

100 m height decommissioning

Armofer tackles the decommissioning of an entire steam generation plant, including the associated double metal chimney, exactly 100 m high, 6.70 m diameter, and the service pipe-reck. The most spectacular phase is the overhead sectioning of the smokestack. It is carried out hot with oxyacetylene flame, moving the technicians in the basket suspended from the crane truck to altitude. Of course, first a careful study and a complex plan detail the procedures to be carried out, the cautions to be observed, and how to manage the safety of the operations to be carried out in sequence. Carefully studied are the weights of the various ashlars sectioned from time to time that a second crane truck (750-ton multistrack) translates to the ground for the scoibentation of the mineral wool present between the two rods. After making the slots to secure the ashlar to the crane chains at 4 points, cutting is carried out, an operation that can take several hours. The ashlar is already in place, secured to the main crane and ready for translation (slinging in 4 points symmetrical to the center of gravity). The operation can (and should) be interrupted if the weather conditions and especially the wind speed at altitude are not optimal. The first cut was made at +97 m, and a total of 17 ashlars were made. At full capacity, working in two shifts, it was possible to clear four ashlars per day. The personnel at height, the two crane operators, and the ground operations manager are in constant radio contact with each other and work in complete synergy. Responsible for the operations for Armofer is geom Paolo Mascherpa. -- -- -- - - - -


Step 1 Overhead construction of slots for slinging ashlars
Step 2 Preventive harness of the ashlar to be removed and light set up
Step 3 Overhead hot cutting of double metal rod
Step 4 Unraveling of dissected ashlar; moving to ground in dedicated area
Step 5 Scoibentation in dedicated area of the artifact and carpentry cutting
Step 6 Loading and transportation of iron to centers for recovery/disposal in accordance with the law of mineral fibers of the insulating material


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