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Industrial Plant decommissioning


  • Industrial Plant decommissioning
  • Tank remediation
  • ACM removal (compact slabs)
  • ACM removal & disposal in confined area


Air Liquide Plant, Pergine Valdarno (AR)

robotic reclamation

At the Pergine Valdarno production plant, Armofer demolishes the nitrous oxide production plant. After preventive sanitization of the area, action is taken with MCA/FAV remediation, followed by emptying and remediation of the plants with soft plant stripout, dismantling of the plants and finally complete demolition of the nitrous oxide storage and ammonium nitrate storage tanks and interconnected plants. The remediation involves the scoibentation of the insulators placed to protect the vessels and piping; cold removal of the protective plates; and thorough washing with water. This is followed by the final demolition phase of plants and tanks carried out always strictly cold. The industrial area affected by decommissioning measures a total of 33,200 square meters. A total ACM quantity consisting of roofing sheets and coverings was estimated at just over 17,000 kg; 1313 kg of friable ACM insulation; and over 6,000 kg of other asbestos-containing artifacts. Brokk 160 radio-controlled remote-controlled robots were used for decommissioning, including in the confined area. - - - --


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