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Twins Group GR1 and GR3 decommissioning - ENEL Power Plant


  • Industrial Plant decommissioning
  • Deconstruction by controlled disassembly
  • Overhead sectioning of steelwork elements
  • Top down demolition
  • Lowering boilers with hydraulic jacks


Corigliano-Rossano (CS), ENEL Power Plant


Controlled disassembly at height is spectacular: designed in detail (weights, dimensions, harnesses, center of gravity, wind conditions...), each individual crane shot is different and lowers structures, items, plants to the ground for subsequent reclamation and demolition. Thus proceeds the controlled dismantling of the DeNox and electrofilter structures. When the above-ground structures have been brought to heights around 35-40 m, the "big machines," mechanical excavators the UHD set-up for top-down demolition, intervene. Armofer brings to the field the flagship of the red fleet, Liebherr 974, 120 ton class the ultra high demolition setup whose boom is operating at pivot heights up to 42 meters. The heart of the operation, once the back-boiler area is opened, is the progressive lowering of the boiler in stages from its 62 m to the ground. Using hydraulic jacks it is lowered to the ground in several stages, sliding within its own steel castle. On the ground the behemoth is tackled with UHD excavators, and then the operation is repeated. At the end the disassembly of the boiler-castle. - - --- - - - - -


  • DeNox mechanical demolition
  • Electro-filter demolition
  • Back boiler area demolition
  • Progressive lowering and boiler demolition with jacks
  • Demolition of steel structure supporting the boiler / hot cutting at height
  • Mechanical demolition of above-ground iron structures from 30/35 m to 0 with UHD excavators


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