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Progressive lowering of reinforced concrete stacks with radio-controlled robots at height


  • Progressive lowering of concrete piers with Brokk robotic
  • Mechanical pile demolition, from the ground , by tipping
  • Robotic means


E78 viadotto Farma, Civitella Paganico (GR)


Armofer is handing over work to demolish the concrete piers of the Farma viaduct on the Grosseto-Siena section that ANAS is upgrading to four lanes. The viaduct is 892 m long, 16 spans, 2 abutments and 15 concrete piers varying in height between 7 and 100 m. They consist of a hollow monolithic body, made of heavily reinforced concrete, 60 cm thick. Armofer chooses, depending on the height of the individual piers and the meticulously studied boundary conditions, three different operating procedures, or their combination, two of which are by sophisticated radio-controlled means. At heights above 80 and up to 100 m, after constructing a self-propelled safety platform, robotic crawler vehicles are moved overhead, with hydraulic grapple and hammer for the progressive lowering of the artifact. Mine clearance is from the hollow interior of the pile. When the safe direction of fall is clear and the surrounding environment allows Armofer opts for tipping, by mechanically induced collapse at the base of the pile. The protagonist is a 300 q fully remote-controlled 300 q excavator that causes the controlled collapse on the specially constructed bedding plane.


Operating procedure 1 Progressive lowering of reinforced concrete piers, from the top with radio-controlled mini-robots translated to height and operating from the self-lifting platform
Operating procedure 2 Mechanical demolition by induced collapse (toppling) operating at the base of the pile by radio-controlled means
Operating procedure 3 
Conventional mechanical demolition, using UHD equipment, for all structures less than 20/24 m in height


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