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Stripout and partial demolition for office building refurbishment


  • Soft stripping
  • Stripout electrical systems
  • stripout mechanical equipment
  • Controlled and selective dismantling
  • Partial demolition


Milan, via Monterosa (2020-21)


Designed and built between 1998 and 2004 by Renzo Piano, the Il Sole 24 Ore Publishing Group's office building has become an icon of Milan's advanced service industry, in the Fiera Milano area. Today a rethinking of the building, which will remain an executive center, requires a major renovation. Armofer takes charge of the delicate stripout work of the complex of 3 buildings of the structure and the so-called "Hill" an artificial structure, used as a service and conference hall, covered by an artificial green hill. The interior stripout is complete, from furniture to interior partitions, service blocks, and facilities. While for the Hill, Armofer intervenes with controlled dismantling of the roof, glazing and sunshades and partial demolition of floors and pillars of the multipurpose structure to adapt it to the new project requirements.


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