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Former Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo Restyling


  • ACM/MMMF removal
  • Land remediation
  • Building demolition
  • partial/controlled demolition


Ex Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo

urban complex redevelopment

Armofer intervenes in the redevelopment of the former complex of the Ospedali Riuniti in Bergamo. Destination of the project: New Academy of the Guardia di Finanza. The intervention area, used as a hospital since the 1930s, the date of construction, until 2012, measures about 150,000 square meters in which 30,000 square meters are covered and divided into 19 pavilions. Preliminary remediation works, MCA/FAV remediation, stripout (suspended ceilings, fixtures, movable walls, exterior fixtures, ducts and plant piping) are planned in all pavilions. Subsequently, partial demolition works are planned on portions of buildings that are dissimilar and unrelated to the original layout of the building complex. Two pavilions, No. 15 and No. 19, were entirely demolished. These were concrete buildings up to 14 m in height, one of which was connected by steelwork walkways to neighboring buildings. Once the overhead walkways were hot cut to isolate the building to be demolished, top-down demolition and tracked excavator with demolition boom were used. In the field Liebherr 954 equipped with grapple. The demolition face was controlled with PVC screen suspended from the self-propelled crane to limit dust projection and sprayed with water mist systems. Subsurface environmental remediation work was also carried out at the site. Exploratory trenches were performed and then excavation areas were identified where, after characterization of the material bank, the contaminated soils were removed and immediately disposed of. The site was subject to continuous monitoring.


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