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Waterfront di Levante


  • Concrete Top Down Demolition
  • Restyling, partial demolition
  • Stripout / Plant reclamation
  • ACM removal (compact slabs)


Restyling of the Genoa Sports Hall, included in the "Waterfront Levante" design project.
Genova, 2021

The restyling of the historic sports hall

Armofer is intervening in Genoa, in the context of work on the redevelopment of the Levante Waterfront, a project donated by Renzo Piano to his city in 2017. The "flying saucer," or Pavilion S of the Fairgrounds is an icon of the city and a masterpiece of early 1960s concrete aesthetics. Underneath the huge tenso-structure housed 10,000 spectators. The restyling, entrusted by CDS Costruzioni to Armofer, involves the controlled dismantling of the curtain walls and metal structures of the exterior facades; the demolition of the exterior reinforced concrete stairwells; and the spectacular demolition of the tall grandstands. These were previously reclaimed for the presence of artifacts containing compact asbestos in the ventilation ducts. The 1962 reinforced concrete structure is laid bare and respected in its elegant form. Very high standards of safety and environmental sustainability assured by Armofer to the City of Genoa for a successful intervention destined to write a page in the city's history. - --- - - -- - - - -


Step 1 Top down demolition of external reinforced concrete stairwells
Step 2 Plant stripout and environmental liability remediation
Step 3 Selective dismantling / aluminum façade cladding and curtain walling
Step 4 Compact ACM remediation in the bleachers
Step 5 Mechanical demolition of indoor grandstands


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