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1961-2011 Professionals in Decommissioning

This volume published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary tells the story of the company, the Cinerari family and demolition in Italy since the postwar period. Richly illustrated with historical photos from the family's personal archives, the volume is an important contribution to the history to the development of techniques, technologies and operating procedures in the decommissioning industry.

(Available while supplies last)


2011-2021 ARMOFER

New! On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the new monograph traces, yard by yard, the growth of the Pavia-based family business on the Italian scene over the past 10 years. Amid economic crises, difficult recovery, and ongoing pandemic, each time, new thrusts toward success thanks to the strength and values on which the Company is firmly built. History and tradition, "intangible assets" of great value, are outlined alongside a strong commitment to technological innovation. Finally, a great awareness of the meaning of "doing Business" today vis-à-vis the Environment and Society.

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Calendar 2022

Our brand new desk calendar is now available (we've been printing it for a good 16 years!) It recounts month by month the most beautiful demolition sites of the past year. Request your 2022 copy to stay in the yard all year long with us!

(Available while supplies last)

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