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working at 100 m height

COSTRUZIONI, the italian onstruction magazine devotes 8 pages to the spectacular controlled dismantling of the chimney

In its February issue, Costruzioni magazine devoted no less than eight pages to the spectacular controlled dismantling of the 100 m high metal chimney at the Cassano d'Adda thermoelectric power station.

The article, by Federica Delucchi, illustrates step by step the spectacular demolition of the metal chimney, which was hot-sectioned at high altitude, to sling and move to the ground the 17 ashlars of the double-barrel chimney, containing insulating materials inside. An interview with geom. Paolo Mascherpa, technical manager for Armofer of the operations, who describes in detail the operational procedure adopted for the intervention and above all the uncommon safety and environmental sustainability procedures put in place by Armofer and guaranteed to the client.

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