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Refinery Plant Decommissioning 


  • Plant and building decommissioning
  • Complex industrial demolition
  • Detailed engineering of interventions at height
  • Chimneys demolition up to 90 m high
  • Dismantling ironwork structures
  • Top down demolition with UHD excavators


Cremona, ex raffineria Tamoil

Decommissioning at the edge of the city

The Tamoil Refining depot that was the subject of Armofer's intervention in 2018, was located on the border with the urban area of the city of Cremona, just 1 km from the city center and a hundred meters from the Po River and settled residential and craft activities. Armofer faces the demolition and removal of the technological plants and buildings of the mineral oil refinery. The facilities were already decommissioned and already cleaned of process residues. Armofer developed the executive demolition design and detailed plans for all demolition works above ground and especially in height (plant height up to 50 m and chimneys up to 90 m). For the dismantling of the carpentry structures at height, Armofer used the well-established technique of slinging and cutting the artifacts appropriately calculated by weight and size, moved to the ground by crane truck. Other crane trucks intervene to move personnel and any vehicles at height. Dismantling from the ground with UHD excavators class 100-120 ton is done in the traditional way from the height of about 40 m to the ground. A fleet of tracked vehicles equipped with iron shears finishes the job by cutting the furnace-ready carpentry. Site christening for the brand new Liebherr 960. -- - - - - - -



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