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Mechanical Chimney demolition inside the cement plant in Palermo


  • Controlled demolition with manual pliers at the top
  • Demolition with radio-controlled Brokk robotic
  • Top down demolition
  • Controlled disassembly and remediation ACM smoke ducts


Isola delle Femmine (PA), Italcementi Plant (2021)


The undisputed stars are the compact and powerful Brokk remote-controlled electric mini-robots. The context is very special: they are working on the demolition of the concrete chimney: 80 m high in the Italcementi cement plant in Isola delle Femmine (PA). Armofer is proceeding with the demolition of the structure from the second half of the 1950s, while the production site remains in operation. The chimney is located near the property line a few meters away from the Palermo-Trapani highway. Having completed the remediation where necessary and the controlled dismantling of the smoke ducts, demolition of the 80 m high concrete structure proceeds with different techniques depending on height. At the top, demolition is manual with hydraulic pliers for progressive circular lowering of the first 10 m. Then it continues, from + 70 m down to + 20 m with remote-controlled mini robots equipped with crushers. The mini Brokk excavators employed are increasingly larger (and more powerful) as the height is lowered and the scaffolding built around the object allows for this. Finally, a UHD excavator comes into play for top-down demolition below 20 m in height. - - -- - - -- -


  • Manual hydraulic pliers
  • Radio remote controlled Brokk 110 and Brokk160
  • UHD Komatsu demolition excavator


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