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Partial and complex demolition, facade demolition of a multi-story building in Milan, Italy


  • controlled demolition
  • partial and complex demolition
  • radio controlled Brokk robotic
  • Facade demolition
  • concrete cutting
  • Remote-controlled building demolition adjacent to inhabited buildings


Milano, viale Monza/ viale Padova / piazzale Loreto (2019)

Downtown redesign

Armofer's intervention is part of the restyling of the building at the intersection of Viale Monza and Viale Padova, overlooking Piazzale Loreto in Milan. The Palazzo di Fuoco office building, a glass architecture from the late 1950s, is now being completely renovated, and the intervention includes in addition to the complete demolition of part of the building, completed with a radio-controlled demolition excavator due to the confined space of the site and interference with the construction crane work. Next came the demolition of the perimeter facades on Viale Padova, Piazzale Loreto and Viale Monza, to a thickness of 1.50 m and full height, varying from 4 to 9 stories above ground. The load-bearing structure, once the glass infills are removed, consists of the reinforced concrete curb that is sectioned off from the upper slab and a series of iron pillars, filled with concrete, that are previously sectioned at the base from the lower slab, three at a time. The complexity lies in moving the slinged pieces by crane in an extremely confined space, abutting the scaffold, cantilevering over the public road. Cutting and sectioning takes place in a precise sequence, taking care to operate safely at all times. The facade demolition project included major provisional slab support works on all floors of the building. - - - - - -


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