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On the outskirts of Milan's Corvetto district, another disused industrial area is gradually being converted for residential use. While new multi-storey buildings are already springing up all around it, Armofer is tackling the delicate remediation of the soil and subsoil, the so-called 'site cleaning', the last act before the site can be rebuilt for new housing, i.e. with very high environmental quality standards, compatible with civil use.
Site cleaning involves the removal of foundations, sub-foundations and other underground load-bearing structures left in situ from previous demolition work limited to the topsoil. Core drilling, sample drilling and other specific investigations are also carried out to identify the presence of any other artefacts to be removed after, if necessary, remediation, as in the case of the underground fuel tanks that fed the heating systems of factories and warehouses.
The actual land reclamation is carried out following a careful and precise site characterisation study, so that it can be tailored to each area.
In particolare per un’area molto ampia del cantiere si è resa necessaria la vagliatura dell’intero volume di terra per la presenza rilevata di alcuni residui di materiali contenenti amianto in matrice compatta.
In coordination with ATS, in order to ensure the greatest environmental safety and comfort for the operators involved, Armofer decided to proceed by setting up a large 'shed', a statically confined area, under which to house the conveyor belt for the manual screening and sorting of elements and waste not suitable for the project.



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