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Historical building lowering in Rome


  • controlled demolition at height
  • historical building restyling
  • Facade retention


Ex Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato, Roma


The former Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato building located in Rome's Piazza Verdi, was the subject of a major redevelopment operation that included the demolition of all the technical volumes present on the roof, the demolition of all the bodies and volumes added to the original building during its history, built in the 1940s and 1960s above the top floor of the original structure. It was necessary to design and provide adequate provisional works for the stability of the perimeter walls not subject to demolition and for the protection of the new roof planes. Demolitions were carried out with mini-excavators and skid steer loaders moved at height, after timely verification of the load-bearing capacities of the floors or adequate shoring. In all risk situations, the mechanical demolition equipment used was robotic and remotely radio-controlled by operators in a safe position . The machines and the resulting rubble were moved up/down with the site crane. The upper elevated floor was demolished in its entirety, while in the floor below, portions of perimeter masonry were retained, adequately supported with specific provisional works. Impressive and detailed structural monitoring plan of the buildings initiated by Armofer at the same time as the works were carried out, which highlighted and confirmed the proper execution of the planned works in full compliance with the existing structures, with the applause of the competent supervisory authorities.


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