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ENEL power plant - GR2 decommissioning


  • Industrial Plant decommissioning
  • Deconstruction by controlled disassembly
  • Overhead sectioning of steelwork elements
  • Top down demolition
  • Lowering boilers with hydraulic jacks


Corigliano-Rossano (CS), ENEL Power Plant


Armofer repeats the lowering procedure to deal with Group 2. The heart of the operation, once the boiler house area has been opened, is the lowering of the boiler by progressive cycles from its 53 m to the ground. At +53 m the modular lowering system with hydraulic jacks is installed for the progressive lowering to the ground, inside the steel castle. Once the structure has been divided into two parts, boiler and economiser, one and the other is lowered alternately. Deconstruction then takes place from below, with hot cutting and mechanical demolition with UHD excavators of portions of approximately 15 m. The cycle is repeated until the abseiling is completed. At the end the dismantling of the boiler house, from + 53m to + 25m with the aid of the crane; from + 25m to the ground with UHD excavators equipped with shears. ..  .  . .


  • DeNox mechanical demolition
  • Electro-filter demolition
  • Back boiler area demolition
  • Lowering and demolition of the boiler body with jacks (alternating boiler/economizer)
  • Demolition of steel structure supporting the boiler / hot cutting at height
  • Mechanical demolition of above-ground iron structures from 30/35 m to 0 with UHD excavators


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