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Redevelopment of a commercial property in the historic center of Milan


  • stripout
  • partial and complex demolition
  • radio controlled Brokk robotic


Milano, via Manzoni / via Romagnosi


The theme of redevelopment of historic, valuable buildings, inserted in densely built urban contexts and in activity is addressed today by Armofer with the use of compact, robotic, electric, remotely radio-controlled machines: zero-emission, the new standard for these interventions. The site in the center of Milan, an exemplary case for the application of these technologies, is the former Rolex Italia building, 6 floors above ground plus a basement; arranged around a very small central courtyard. The work involved stripout work, demolition of the roof, stripout and removal of obsolete technical compartments, and partial, controlled, punctual demolition to adapt the old building to the new design. This is where the fleet of radio-controlled minis comes in, compact but powerful and equipped with all the equipment, they easily access anywhere, and can work even in positions where personnel are not allowed to stay. Finally, an operational choice that ensures perfect environmental control, which is increasingly demanded by clients at construction sites of this type.



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