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Zeus R980: on duty!

Armofer inaugurates at Mantua refinery, the largest demolition machine ever built in Europe: Liebherr 980 demolition

It took as many as 9 exceptional transport trucks to deliver the demolition giant to the site and a couple of weeks to assemble and test it.

This is a very special machine, the first in Europe so configured by the manufacturer together with Armofer engineers: a crawler excavator in "super long demolition" set-up, that is, with special booms for demolition when it needs great force or great height.

An authentic jewel, red in color as the brand of Armofer, decommissioning professionals in Italy, built in the Liebherr House. It has an operating weight of an impressive 200 tons and, equipped with the largest of its demolition booms, reaches an impressive 60 m of operating height. It is the first machine in Europe so configured. It was unveiled at the end of last year at the Bauma 2022 International Working Machinery Fair in Munich, arousing curiosity and interest among industry insiders for its extraordinary proportions and potential.

And today it entered service precisely in Mantua, for a major decommissioning job at the city's refinery; an intervention that requires sophisticated means and special measures to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability while carrying out the work that in a year's time, will dismantle the refinery.

Big celebration, therefore, on Saturday, March 4 for the so-called "first clamping," that is, the site christening for the brand new work vehicle. In the cab was an exceptional operator, one of the owners of Armofer, Andrea Cinerari, who within the family business, has chosen the first line: he operates the company's most important vehicles and personally performs the most spectacular demolitions.

Liebherr 980 demolition, which Armofer renamed Zeus, was equipped at the Mantua site with its retrofit boom, the shortest (27 meters!) but most powerful one, which can carry an iron-cutting shear weighing 15 tons at the tip. The machine has already begun demolition of the facilities of the former Mantua refinery that IES Italiana has decided to dismantle. The new machine is able to cut the iron girders of the structures and the sheets of the plants and tanks and reduce them to appropriate size for recovery and in total safety. It naturally follows the procedures studied and indicated by the technicians and designers of the intervention, with the aim of recovering and recycling all the resulting materials.

Work is proceeding at the site according to the schedule of the Engineers and the needs of the Client.

We are very pleased with this investment,-comments Emilio Cinerari, General Manager of Armofer, the contractor of the works,-which delivers us an important machine, capable of solving important tasks on the construction site. A project that started with Liebherr 2 years ago, which is now materialized in the service of this construction site. A production machine, but extremely versatile and flexible. Definitely the best choice for large decommissioniong jobs, like this one, but which we count on using in different areas; certainly where the greatest operational height is required, as its super long demolition boom, the tallest ever built, reaches 60 meters."----

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