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Environmental remediation and demolition of ENEL's Santa Gilla thermoelectric power plant in Cagliari is underway: the thermoelectric units, related equipment and service piping; fuel and chemical reagent tanks; decommissioning of various facilities; and finally the demolition of buildings and civil works.


We are inside the engine room, the heart of the plant. Inside the large building there are several plants to be dismantled. Among them, the most complex are the turbine-alternator units, housed on the second floor of the building. The decommissioning is done by hot sectioning of the artifact into portions compatible in shape, weight and size with the service crane dedicated to the specific work (Grove 300 t). The intervention procedure has been studied and designed in detail right from the positioning of the crane itself, which requires plate tests in advance to verify the site bearing capacity. Moreover, the maneuvering spaces are very small, both for the handling of the telescopic boom and for the operations of lowering the sectioned artifacts to the ground. They are also studied according to the geometry of the space available for translation, always taking care to keep the load-bearing structures of the building safe. Of course, the weight and its barycentric distribution, with respect to the sling design, ensure stability during translation. Once on the ground, the metalwork is moved off-site to proceed to the next stages of cutting and ready-made preparation of the metalwork that will be sent for recycling.



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