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Our boys of the Pedale Casalese Armofer

On retreat in Loano our Pedale Casalese Armofer boys, with sports directors and the entire technical staff are training on Ligurian roads to prepare for the upcoming challenges

Unforgettable days for the Juniors (pictured) and Rookies categories who, amid sweat, hard work, fun, a few minor accidents, passion and professionalism learn to "team up," on the road and in life. A big thank you goes to all the sponsors who together with Armofer support the team. In alphabetical order: Ambeco, Arioli, Asfalti Milano, Bi Emme, Carnovali-CBS, Deda Elementi, Falco, Giada macchine, Green Work, Il Tarlo, Industrial Project, King Inox, Loxam, Ma.Go.Car, Manzi, Maxima, Meccanicar, OMB, Polirecuperi, Prevocicli, Pro.Ger, Progenie2000, Project, Punto Edile, Redilmat, RTR, Sea Servizi, Spair, Unipol Sai La Previdente.

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